Our everyday life deals with many plumbing systems at home or the workplace. Hence need for a plumber at some or other time is common nowadays. Not only for significant changes, but you may also need a plumber for some minor repair jobs: a clogged toilet, frozen or burst pipes, poor and inconsistent water pressure, broken sewer, overflowing cistern, etc. 

You should seek the best plumber before these problems become worse. But, unfortunately, we don’t look after it until such minor things turn into big problems. We advise you to seek the best plumber with the know-How to do the job with the right tools. Every one of us needs a plumber who is expert and efficient in doing their jobs.

Here is a checklist you can consider while hiring the best plumber:

  • Have comparative scrutiny of numerous available options for plumbers: You may find countless options for plumbers in the market. You should have comparative scrutiny to shortlist the best options for you. You can also get some references or recommendations from your closed ones. 
  • Make sure to hire a licensed plumber: Before hiring, ask a plumber for his license. It makes you sure that the plumber is qualified and legally allowed to do the practice. Do not hire an unlicensed plumber regardless of how cheap offers they offer to you. A licensed plumber is always a risk-free way.
  • A plumber with insurance cover is always the best option: Aninsurance will cover any damage to your or your neighbour’s property. And workman’s compensation provides the cover for plumber against injuries.
  • Ask for references from the plumbers: Ask the plumber for connections where they have done jobs before. If possible, have a word with those people to get more details of a plumber you want to hire. Being surer now helps you get less sorry later. 
  • Work experience of the plumber: We know that more knowledge leads to more efficiency. So before hiring, find out the experience of the plumber. Good plumbers last for a long time in the competition. Unlikely, plumbers with poor services fizzle out and can not last for a long time in the market.
  • Compliance certificate and guarantee for a job done: The plumber you hire should offer you a compliance certificate after the job is done. A guarantee provided for the work over a respectable period (Minimum 6 months) can help you be more confident about the plumber’s work.
  • A plumber should visit and inspect the need before offering a quote: Without physically checking the condition, a plumber can not give you an exact quote. Do not even prefer the plumber who offers you services without visiting a site. He will not get an idea of the work and materials needed for the work. And last moment skyrocket cost may surprise you. 
  • Milestone payments method should be the most preferred way: When you hire a plumber for big jobs, you should follow the milestone payments method. You should pay instalment wise after completion of a particular task. The upfront payments may put you at high risk. If you pay the entire amount initially, a plumber may run away taking your money. 
  • Avoid verbal contracts and ask for written agreements: Ask a plumber for a written contract with a sign and date. The contract contains relevant details with no ambiguities. A verbal agreement is not safe as you can not hold anyone down to them. 

Following the above steps, you are good to have a trustworthy and skilled plumber. 

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