Signs Of Water Leaks

Plumbing leaks are one of the most frustrating problems any homeowner can experience. Some leaks are very obvious and can be easily fixed. But the leaks hidden inside walls or ceilings are very difficult to detect and can end up causing severe damage before you even realise a leak. 

No one wants any type of leakage, whether it’s an annoying, slow, leaky tap that drips all the time or an unexpected pool of water that appears under your kitchen sink. They are the worst nightmare, causing damage to property and leading to huge repair costs and tensions. But every problem has a solution! Recognizing the signs of water leaks early is crucial in preventing further damage. So, let’s explore the key indicators of water leaks and the importance of addressing them quickly.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Water Leaks?

Water leaks have the potential to affect the core of your building when left unchecked! Yes, you heard it right! Water leaks can create severe chaos in your home. Along with structural problems, it also leads to other difficulties like the growth of moulds and compromising the safety of your living space. But by taking early preventive measures and hiring the best blocked drain plumber in Melbourne, one can lower the damages and problems these leaks create. Below are a few key indicators of having water leaks in your space. 

Signs You Have A Water Leak

Visible Signs of Damp, Moisture or Water

This is the most common and easiest way to identify the water leak signs in your property. Unexpected visibility of water and damps in your walls and other places that you do not expect is a massive sign of water leaks. Pools of water are unquestionably a warning sign, particularly if they are accompanied by drips (such as from the ceiling) or if there is any connection between water and the affected region, like a bathroom or other pipeline. You should also give attention to shared party walls and ceilings with neighbours. Sometimes leakages can come from your neighbour’s side, not from your own property. 

Sudden Increase in Water Bills

Sudden spike in your water bills is also one of the important signs of a potential water leak. If you notice a sudden increase in your bill without changing the water usage, then it is time to investigate the issue, as this unexplained increase can be the result of any hidden leak. Sometimes, even water companies alert their customers of this fact of increased bills. So, if you get an unexpectedly high water bill, think you have leaking water.

Mould or Mildew Growth

No one likes mould and mildew in their place. Their presence is a big signal of excess moisture in the house, which is caused by water leaks. Beyond affecting the beauty of your space, these fungi can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. If you notice mould or mildew growth, addressing the underlying plumbing problem promptly is crucial. Hiring professionals can help eliminate the visible problem and fix the main cause, ensuring a healthier and safer living environment for you and your loved ones.

Musty Odours

Following the previous point, water coming into contact with drier areas on your property can cause severe changes. It causes things like mould, bacteria, etc. And each of these can cause a distinct ‘musty’ odour. If the water leak is from wastewater, both the foul smell and the health implications are likely to be higher, which needs your immediate action! Promptly addressing water leaks with expert blocked drain plumber in melbourne plays a very crucial role in ensuring a fresh and safe indoor environment for your home.

Poor Water Pressure

Sometimes, do you feel your shower has very weak water pressure? Or filling a bucket of water takes a little more time! These can all be signs of a major water fault in the mains of your space. Before doing anything else, firstly, get in touch with your water company if the low water pressure persists. In case they do not know about any leaks in your area, then it is time to have a thorough inspection of your property.

How to find the water leak you can’t see?

In order to reduce the tiring part of the detection process, there are many leak detection tools to find the water leaks. These are the non-destructive tools that can help you find hidden water leaks without damaging your property. This covers water leaks in the walls, floors, and ceiling, all of which can be difficult to locate otherwise.

How long can a Water Leak go Undetected?

Generally, a water leak can frequently go undetected for months or years, causing severe damage to your space. Regular inspections should be done by homeowners in and around their houses, and in case of any fault, consult the expert immediately. Water leaks are very bad for your house, but hidden water leaks are the worst and are a topic of concern for house owners. 


As stated above, being aware of the signs of water leaks is very important to create a dreamy place. Whether you think there may be a water leak in your house or you have a blocked drain, contact MJV Plumbing Services, your trusted blocked drain plumber in Melbourne, to keep your home safe and dry.